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I cannot express in words how much I appreciate Ryan! This was one of those normal semi-annual service calls and it being 2 day's before Hurricane Florence. He answered my questions (level of unit and position of duct under house) patiently and in laymens terms. He went above and beyond the normal performance check on our unit, he went ahead and checked the level of the unit and confirmed it was off level! He also went into the crawl space to check my concern of duct work lying on the ground, which appeared to be lying on the ground (poor guy got his nice white shirt and khakis all dirty but he didn't seem to mind.) He explained why the duct work appeared that way and did calm my concern of water in the crawl space by saying that if it did get water in the duct due to the Hurricane, call them and he'd come out and pump the water out, if necessary. He also advised that if I was worried about a wet crawl space perhaps installing a vapor barrier might be the best method. Such a nice guy! Great customer service and calming soothing manner. Most techs are in a hurry to get the minimum done and go on to the next jog. Not Ryan; he seems to really care about customer service and answers every concern in a calm, soothing and professional manner. Not once did I seem like I was keeping him from the next job or did I feel like a "dumb ass" asking him questions. I intend to ask for Ryan by name for all our HVAC repairs and service. Give the man a raise!

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