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Fayetteville Air Purification Systems

To some residents of Fayetteville, air purification systems may not seem that much different than run-of-the-mill air filters, but the two function in vastly different ways. An air purification system will actively eradicate molds, bacteria, and fungi residing in ductwork, while air filters simply provide a barrier to prevent those contaminants from reaching HVAC units that could, then, recirculate them back into the open air.

Not all air purification systems perform the same way, either. Some utilize UV light, but they are only effective if contaminants come in close contact with the unit. Recently, though, more technologically advanced purifiers have hit the market, like the REME·HALO in-duct air purifier, which emits a hydroperoxide plasma that helps group harmful microbial bacteria together, making it easier for an HVAC air filter to catch.


With all this product innovation and variation, it’s important to have reliable, certified indoor air quality experts to help you fully understand your best means to keep your air supply clean and your family healthy. Since 1998, homeowners across Fayetteville, NC and Cumberland County have trusted All Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating to do just that, while providing the highest standard of professional service and customer care.

Innovative and Reliable Air Purification Systems for Fayetteville, NC Homes

When you take a moment to consider all the particulates that commonly invade homes, you may think of dust, dander, or pollen. They’re nuisances for those that struggle with recurrent allergies and sinus complications, but they’re nowhere near as dangerous as other airborne and surface bacteria, like Norwalk, e-coli, Listeria, or Strep. It’s best to have the assistance of an experienced air purification company to help manage these household risks.

Air Purification Systems Backed by Warranty Protections and Dedicated Technical Support

As an air purification company, the All Seasons team is dedicated to creating more comfortable households across Fayetteville and Cumberland County, and part of that promise requires us to provide each of our customers with peace of mind and investment confidence. As such, we offer:

  • Industry-leading warranties on our products, parts, and labor
  • Affordable Ultra Comfort Club monthly membership that provide discounted HVAC maintenance services and repair services
  • 24/7 technician availability
  • Our personal guarantee, that if it isn’t fixed right, it’s free

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If you feel the indoor air quality in your Fayetteville, NC home could be improved, don’t wait another moment to call our expert technicians at All Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating. To learn more about our air purification systems, duct cleaning services, or air filtration offerings, simply give us a call or submit our online contact form to request a free, no-obligation project quote.

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