Home Generator Installation in Fayetteville, NC

Understanding Home Standby Generators

An average home may use more than a hundred electrical appliances and devices to provide convenience, comfort and security. It is, therefore, essential that we install a backup home generator to prepare for a power outage. A residential generator has major advantages over a portable generator set - automatic start, permanent fixture, more power, cleaner fuel (natural gas or propane), low running costs and all-weather operation. Standby power systems start automatically within seconds after a home’s electricity goes out and ensure a continuous electrical supply.

A transfer switch immediately senses when power is interrupted and transfers power generation to generator. It also senses when power is restored and transfers the load back to the utility source and signals the generator to shut down. The power generator is installed outdoors and linked directly to your home’s permanent fuel supply.

Typical Installation:

A residential standby generating system typically has three basic elements: a generator, a transfer switch and a service-entrance breaker.

Generator – Produces electricity for essential or selected systems like cooling, heating, refrigeration, security and lighting. Your backup needs, simple or more extensive, determine the size and output of the unit.

Transfer Switch – Immediately senses when power is interrupted and transfers power generation responsibility to the generator. Senses when power is restored and transfers the load back to the utility source and signals the generator to cool off and shut down.

Service Entrance Breaker – Provides protection to your transfer switch, internal breakers and circuits and generator due to electrical strikes and power surges.

Note: You should not attempt to specify and install a power system on your own. Electrical connections must be made and fuel systems installed by qualified and licensed personnel. Improper installations present hazards, which can result in personal injury or property damage. Please contact a licensed residential electrician and your local natural gas or propane supplier for these services. In all cases, you should contract a Cummins Onan Dealer and/or certified technicians. Our Sales and Service Locator will direct you to your nearest qualified Cummins Onan dealer or distributorship.

How the System Works

1.Transfer switch monitors voltage coming from utility
2.Transfer switch senses when utility power fails or drops below an acceptable level (brown out), and sends a signal to start the generator
3.Transfer switch automatically disconnects the utility power from the electrical circuits in your home, and reconnects them to the generator
4.Generator continues to supply electrical power to your home until utility power is restored
5.Transfer switch senses when the utility power is restored, automatically disconnects the generator from your home circuits, and reconnects the utility power
6.The Cummins Onan Generating system automatically re-sets itself for the next power outage

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